Monday, 3 November 2008

Cranks: Part 1

Following the recent relaunch of the excellent Student website, it's become apparent how various groups will cluster around critical articles like moths to a flame.

Firstly, my recent comment piece on the stupidity of teaching creationism or its artfully nuanced subsidiary, intelligent design, in schools (apologies for the appallingly misspelt header).

Within 24 hours of the piece going up on the site it attracted three different creationists, keen to show me the error of my ways. Pride of place goes to this effort:

"Evolution is a false conclusion of the fossil record of death (not of “life”), and words can not describe the idiocy of the scientific community that continues to support such a theory, and advocating the teaching of such in public schools. There is no such evidence to support the conclusion. It is supported because it is the most convenient avenue the atheists can use to advance their agenda."

Nice combination of conspiracy theory with the assertion that anything that is dead cannot count as evidence, which rules out all archaeology, as well as anyone ever conducting an autopsy.

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