Monday, 3 November 2008

Cranks: Part 2

The second group of cranks who've invaded our website is altogether more disturbing. Those who believe the world to be only a few thousand years old can at least be laughed off (it would certainly have been news to the ancient Egyptians).

An influx of racists is slightly less funny. A couple of Student's articles on the BNP recruiting via Facebook and withdrawing from a council by-election seem to have been picked up on some rather unsavoury forums. I won't repeat the comments here.

While I don't necessarily agree with the tone of the Facebook article - any reasonable belief in free speech extends to precisely those views you find repulsive, and no direct incitement to hatred seems to have been found - I detest the clear BNP attempt to create a simulated gorundswell of support by deluging the site with comments.

A friend who did an internship at Parliament over the summer tells me that BNP central office is rumoured to have a 'rapid response' cadre of computer specialists who spend their days in a darkened room surfing for any mention of their organisation, and then cover it in propaganda.

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