Thursday, 1 January 2009

Busily paving my road to hell

As a (perhaps overly optimistic) new year's resolution, I have promised myself that I will make this blog much more active. This starts here with the first of what will be regular selections of not necessarily the most relevant, but hopefully interesting pieces from around the web.

First up is a great piece by The Guardian's Marina Hyde suggesting some new year's resolutions for the Premier League, placed here because of this superb little aside on the subject of "the rampaging armies of middle-class thrift bores currently laying waste to features sections."

A seasonal article by The Times' Ben McIntyre on "the bard for hard times", Robert Burns.

Carole Seymour-Jones writes in The Telegraph on Pinter's human rights record, while Liberty are concerned about the police abusing public order powers when dealing with football supporters. An excellent reason to recommend watching Chris Atkins' excellent documentary Taking Liberties, which is still available on 4od, as far as I am aware.

On a lighter note, and in a rather contrived way to coincide with the start of the English transfer window, Rob Marrs of Left Back in the Changing Room has put up the answers for a brilliantly diverting quiz he posted last month.

Finally, Flight of the Conchords is back for a second series on Funny or Die. Enjoy!

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