Thursday, 1 January 2009

Parlour Games

With 2009 just beginning, it's the perfect time to play a parlour game - fun for all the family guaranteed even if, like almost everyone, you don't actually have a parlour. Yes, it's...

Recession Roulette - "Casino Capitalism" for all the family

Experts have predicted that 10 to 15 retailers will shut in January - can YOU guess which ones?

The game can be played with any number of people, hopefully with drinks, and the rules are simple: Just think of a shop, like Woolworths, Adams or The Officers Club, that sells nothing anyone would ever want to buy and no-one you know goes to, and is thus ideal to follow in the despondent footsteps of Whittards and MFI. Try to aim for one that, like The Officers Club, is so bland and pointless that you'll never really notice it was ever there until they start selling the fixtures and fittings.

Here are a few suggestions to set you off:

Julian Graves - seems to exist solely so gullible people can buy prunes by the kilo. Will be desiccated if they ever come to their senses.

GAME - annoying purveyor of computer games. The kids buy theirs off the internet anyway, while their parents get them in the supermarket. The next Zavvi.

Any and all places that offer £25 haircuts for babies.

Once you have thought of a suitable chain, announce it to the assembled company and drink to its demise. You could make plans to meet up with your friends in a months time and give a small prize to whoever selected the company to go most spectacularly up the spout. However, such long-term planning is probably inadvisable in the current climate.

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