Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Remembering the ones that didn't come home

Speaking to former victims while putting together this piece, I had a very small glimpse of how horrific the life of a hostage is. At the time, the chances of the Baghdad Five (as they were then) being released seemed bright. The hope was punctured less than a week later with the discovery of the first bodies, those of Jason Cresswell and Jason Swindlehurst.

The release of Peter Moore is a triumph against all odds, and should be celebrated as such. But let us not forget the four men who did not return home. In all likelihood there was little that could have saved them once they were captured by the ideologically-driven lunatics of the Islamic Shia Resistance group - their status as Western security guards meant that survival was unlikely. Still, questions should be asked, and answered truthfully by those whose job is now to recover the body of Alan McMenemy.

Remember Jason Cresswell, Jason Swindlehurst, Alan McMenemy and Alec MacLachlan.

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