Saturday, 16 January 2010


A couple of suitably red-faced corrections to the quiz after people pointed out some howlers. Since I've received a few answers already and I'm a fair-minded bloke, I'll discount the questions when deciding the winner, so these are strictly for fun.
9. Which English team has not played outside its current division since 1973?
Obviously there are sides who've never been relegated from the top division, so I meant to say it is a league side outside the top divison. That should make it a lot simpler.

18. How many of Nigeria's under-19 squad were thrown out in the run-up to last year's under-17 world cup after tests revealed they were under age? (answers within 2 either way accepted)
This is just daft. It's the under-17 squad at the under-17 world cup. My input makes an already complex question completely unworkable.

Thanks to the people who pointed these out. In the meantime' I've been plugging the quiz on my Twitter account, putting up a couple of extra questions to tempt people over to do the whole thing. These DON'T count as part of the quiz, but feel free to have a crack at them.

There have been a couple of interesting (and some frankly disturbing) contributions regarding the Thai vice den tie-breaker too...

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