Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Russian Music Wednesdays

New idea: a bit of Russian music each week. I'm starting with something a bit unusual - Russian-language reggae. See what you think. By the way, the band's actually Ukrainian, but they sing in Russian, so they count under my rules.

I'm a soldier
I haven't slept in five years
And I have dark circles under my eyes
Haven't seen them myself
But so I've been told
I'm a soldier
And I have no head
They have beaten it off with their boots
Yo-o-o, commander shouts
Commander's mouth is torn open
Because a grenade...
White cotton wool
Red cotton won't heal a soldier

I'm a soldier
Unborn child of war
I'm a soldier
Mom, take care of my wounds
I'm a soldier
Soldier of a country forgotten by God
I'm a hero
Tell me of which novel

I'm a soldier
It vexes me when I have only one bullet left
It's either me or him
The last wagon
There are millions of us
In the UN
I'm a soldier
And I know my job
My job is to shoot
So that the bullet doesn't miss
The enemy's body
This reggae is for you Mother-War
Are you happy now?

UPDATE: video seems to have broken the blog a bit, will try to fix this.

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