Sunday, 30 May 2010

Not quite warts and all

Just came back from getting some passport photos for an ISIC card. Turns out that the process is a bit different here in Russia. No automated booths here spewing out endless recorded messages (if you've ever worked in a shop containing one, you will have experienced a powerful rage to smash it with a hammer).

Here it's a man in the back room of a pharmacy with a camera - and Photoshop. After taking the photos, he then wordlessly proceeded to remove every pimple, ancient acne scar and even most freckles and a mole, while leaving a shadow behind both my ears that makes me look like I have a mullet. Since I'd also had a shave just before going out, the result leaves my face looking smooth, plastic and barely inhabited. The general impression is Madame Tussaud's. Or David Cameron.

I would put the photo up here, but I'm a bit cowardly on the issue of identity theft, so I won't. If you know me, though, I'll show you if you ask nicely (and show me yours).

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