Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Russian Music Wednesdays #2 - Kino

It's been a while since the last Russian Music Wednesday, chiefly because I've been a bit lazy. To make up

First up is Viktor Tsoi, probably the biggest Russian rock star of all time, with his band, Kino (Cinema). Originally an underground band distributing their music on scratchy copied tapes in early 1980s Leningrad (now St. Petersburg again), Kino became huge as the loosening of censorship under Gorbachev allowed them to reach a wider audience, and songs with barely-veiled political messages, like "Khochu Peremen" (I Want Change), became hits. The band broke up after Tsoi was killed in a car accident in 1990, but the songs are still widely recognised.

Here's their song "Zvezda Po Imeni Solnce" (A Star Called The Sun), which has a catchy tune and poetic lyrics (available here).

And, as a sign of their continuing popularity, here's a recent cover of Kino's "Kukushka" (Cuckoo) by Russia's ruling pop-rock artist, Zemfira (lyrics).

Next week, something darker.

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