Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Squeezing lungs and inhaling fluff

A couple of photos from last week in Russia:

First up, here is one of the more extreme anti-smoking adverts I've seen in Russia. Two hands squeezing a lung (or sponge) so that tar (or muddy water) drips into a beaker to give a clear example of What Will Happen To You If You Smoke. They really do the lung-squeezing thing, by the way - a mate of mine had it as a summer job, and it was rubbish.

And here, thanks to a picture from the excellent Secret Moscow, is what the locals call the city's "summer snow". This is pukh (literally, "fluff"), the pollen from the poplar trees that can be found all over the city. It gets in your eyes, nose, mouth and pretty much any other exposed orifice, and, if you're even mildly ticklish, is a complete pain. Walking around the city during the two-week pukh storm gave me a vague idea of what hayfever sufferers must go through every summer. Poor bastards.

And finally, here's a timely and sanguine reminder of the industry I'm trying to get into, thanks to the Onion.

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