Saturday, 26 March 2011

How to make Russian TV news

A great summary here of how Russian TV news works. This applies to any channel, since they're all state-controlled (officially or unofficially).

Item one features the president visiting somewhere – a hospital, a school, a farm. Item two is a serious piece of national news: forest fires, economic problems. Item three is a piece of foreign news, chosen to show that Russia’s problems are nothing compared with other countries’: if the Russian piece has been about forest fires, the next item will be about forest fires in Australia or the US; if the Russian news has been about economic problems, the next item will focus on economic problems in the West. The final item is always a happy piece: a tiger cub born in a zoo, Russian victory at the Eurovision Song Contest.

This comes from an article in the LRB about the tribulations of the man who launched the Russian Apprentice. Well worth a read.

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