Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Quiz answers

Here they are, the answers to my (at least partly) World Cup-themed quiz. Congratulations once again to Samuel (@ecanalla), the only person to get them all right.

1. Turkey. In order, those were the last six winners of World Cup third-place games.
2. They were the top teams in the FIFA ranking not to qualify for the World Cup.
3. He scored a record five goals in a game as Russia beat Cameroon 6-1. Salenko promptly got signed by Valencia and then managed just seven goals all season in La Liga.
4. Bhutan and Montserrat were the two lowest-ranked international sides, playing the "other final" on the day of the World Cup final.
5. It was the first ever World Cup qualifying win for the Central African Republic, 34 years after they first entered the competition.
6. They've all been banned for failing drug tests.
7. Birmingham, Rotterdam and Turin are all cities with Champions League or European Cup-winning clubs.
8. The Intertoto Cup.
9. Scotland.
10. The FA Cup final.

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