Friday, 6 June 2014

Quiz time

Here's a quick pre-World Cup quiz on obscure football knowledge. Answers to the email address at the bottom and I'll announce the winner at the start of the World Cup.

Starting with five World Cup-related questions:
1. Italy, Sweden, Croatia, ..., Germany, Germany. Fill in the gap in the sequence.
2. Ukraine in 2014, Croatia in 2010, Nigeria in 2006. What dubious honour have these teams all earned in the run-up to a World Cup?
3. Oleg Salenko set a spectacular record while playing for Russia against Cameroon at the 1994 World Cup. What was it? (Incidentally, he never played international football again).
4. What was special about Bhutan’s 4-0 win over Montserrat on June 30, 2002?
5. And why was the Wild Beasts’ victory over the Zebras in a 2012 World Cup qualifier remarkable?

And now for five non-World Cup related questions:
6. What links Abel Xavier, Stan Lazaridis and Oleksandr Rybka?
7. Birmingham, Rotterdam and Turin share this honour, but Berlin, Paris and Rome don’t. What is it?
8. Which European club football competition was established in 1961 and abolished in 2008?
9. If you were watching the Honest Men play the Red Lichties last season, what country were you in?
10. The Oval, Old Trafford and Bolton’s Burnden Park have all hosted which prestigious match?
Answers by email to j.p.m.ellingworth AT gmail DOT com

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