Friday, 28 October 2016

All the Leicesters

I had some time on my hands while waiting for some chilli con carne to reduce, and I wondered how many Leicesters there are now in world football.

Any smallish club which wins a game or two nowadays will inevitably be branded The New Leicester, just as a few years ago any moderately talented youngster was The New Messi (see everyone from Xherdan Shaqiri to Gai Assulin).

So here is the semi-definitive list of the world's Leicesters, with links to the articles claiming, sometimes rather dubiously, that they deserve that status...

The American Leicester - Colorado Rapids
The Argentinian Leicester - Godoy Cruz
The Belarusian Leicester - Krumkachy Minsk (yes, I wrote this one)
The English Non-League Leicester - Braintree Town
The Finnish Leicester - IFK Mariehamn
The German Leicester - Red Bull Leipzig (or Kaiserslautern?)
The Hungarian Leicester - Vasas (thanks to Tomasz Mortimer for that one)
The Italian Leicester - Sassuolo
The Russian Leicester - Rostov
The Scottish Leicester - Aberdeen
The Spanish Leicester - Atletico Madrid (yes, a club with 4 European finals in the last 7 seasons is a Leicester)
The Ukrainian Leicester - Oleksandriya
The Welsh Leicester - er, Wales...